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swimming performance

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    Improving swimming form and technique

    Analysis of swimming technique is performed in an endless swim flume using underwater and above-water video cameras, which are placed in multiple angles. The session is led by a senior swimming coach from the institute. The goals of the test are to identify errors and their cause, and to receive practical tools to improve one’s form. Ultimately, the test is designed to upgrade swimming efficiency and thus improve performance.
    During the test, the athlete is filmed from multiple angles and then the videos are displayed on the screen, allowing athletes to see their stroke and receive feedback in real time. Following the test, data are analysed and a summary meeting takes place in which the athlete receives video footage and a comprehensive report, including relevant recommendations and drills to improve technique.

    Using an endless swim flume

    Independent use of our unique endless swim flume (accompanied by a technician). As part of the session, you can use the various cameras (under- and above-water) installed in the pool to detect errors and correct technique.

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