Tests to improve
running and cycling

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    Physiological threshold test (with/without lactate sample)

    A graded test comprised of long stages that allows the athlete to reach a “physiologically steady state”, and therefore obtain information about various athletic abilities, including accurate metabolic “thresholds” and movement and metabolic efficiency during exercise. During the test, the athlete is connected to a metabolic system that monitors every breath non-invasively. At the same time, blood lactate concentration is monitored via fingertip samples. By using the results of the test, it is possible to determine exact training areas (Zones), estimate maximum oxygen consumption, locate strengths and weaknesses in the athlete, and thus refine and adjust their training plan.

    Maximal Oxygen Consumption VO2MAX Test

    A standardized protocol for testing the athlete’s maximal oxygen consumption, which is the gold standard for assessing aerobic ability, as it reflects the maximum intensity at which the aerobic system can be used to produce energy. During the test, the athlete is connected to a metabolic system which monitors each breath non-invasively. Results can also be used assess the athlete’s respiratory thresholds, and subsequently an individualized training program can be refined and customized.

    Power Profile Test

    A test consisting of a range of aerobic and anaerobic efforts, thus creating a comprehensive profile of the athlete’s abilities. The test is mainly designed for professional cyclists and Olympic-distance triathletes. This test combines several all-out sprints and time trial segments through which relevant data can be collected to identify strengths and weaknesses. During the test, power output and heart rate are continuously monitored, blood lactate concentrations are measured at the end of each effort and during recovery, and oxygen consumption is measured at several time points (to asses maximal oxygen consumption). Using this test, the critical power of the athlete (CP) can also be evaluated.

    All tests include a detailed summary report of the findings as well as individualized practical recommendations.

    Following data analysis, a recap meeting is held with the athlete, the institute’s professional staff, and anyone else from the athlete wishes to invite from their support team (coach, trainer, manager, etc.).

    In combination with the various tests, the athlete’s training data can be reviewed via Training Peaks. This allows for the assessment of previous training intensity distribution and establishment of more accurate training zones, thereby offering personalized recommendations for subsequent training.

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