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    The Sylvan Adams Sports Institute offers unique testing for athletes and coaches, including assessment of various fitness and performance components, individualized and relevant tests for each athlete, and a wholistic and collaborative approach. The laboratory is led by Dr. Keren Constantini together with a professional and experienced team. The laboratory is located near the sports center of Tel Aviv University, which expands the range of possibilities for combining field and laboratory testing, performed with the aid of the most advanced technology in the world.

    We are here to provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to improve your athletic performance. Join us to reach your peak!

    Institute Equipment
    H/P COSMOS 3D Biomechanical Gaitway treadmill

    The Sylvan Adams Sports Institute offers athletes and coaches the most advanced technologies in the world that can be used to analyze and improve athletes’ performance. The proximity of the institute to the sports center of Tel Aviv University makes it possible to offer an even greater range of options regarding the combination of field testing and training with laboratory tests. The laboratory is operated by a professional and skilled team and the results of this test provide athletes with practical information designed to improve sports performance. The institute has the newest and most advanced equipment in the world for measuring the ability of athletes, especially in the aerobic domain.

    H/P COSMOS Saturn 300 treadmill

    This treadmill enables training and testing for runners and for cyclists/triathletes using one’s personal bike and in a more “real life” nature. The treadmill can reach speeds up to 80 km/h and a gradient of 27%. The direction of the track can be reversed, allowing for downhill running or riding . The track also allows for testing of Paralympic athletes in wheelchairs or with crutches.

    SRM Ergometer

    One of the most advanced cycling ergometer in the world, which can be used to accurately evaluate anaerobic capacity and sprinting abilities, as well as perform aerobic-based tests. During the tests pedaling speed (cadence) and/or resistance (Watts) can be controlled, depending on the outcome of interest. Before the test, the institute team will match the athlete’s bike setting to that of the laboratory ergometer.

    Elite Endless Swim Flume

    The Elite Endless Swim Flume allows for training and testing of swimmers and triathletes. The speed of the water current can be adjusted so that it matches the athlete’s abilities. Specifically, a swimmer can be tested at a speed that simulates training, or at faster speeds such as those during competition. The endless swim flume can be usd for all swimming strokes: breaststroke, freestyle, butterfly, and backstroke.

    SwimPro Cameras

    SwimPro Cameras make it possible to film and record the swimmer’s stroke, and perform biomechanical analysis in the laboratory endless swim flume or for “field” testing (other pools).

    Medical Body Composition Analyzer (mBCA)

    An advanced scale for measuring body composition based on electrical conductivity. Provides data on fat mass, fat-free mass, total muscle mass and its relative distribution, and fluid content.


    Optogait is a system that enables motion capture analysis in combination with video recording.

    *The Sylvan Adams Sports Laboratory meets the GLP – Good Laboratory Practice criteria.


    The Cyclus2 can be adapted to a variety of cycling tests, with a more real-life feeling through elastic connections allowing for additional degrees of freedom for the bicycle. The device is accurate and backed by the latest literature and is widely used in sports centers and universities around the world.


    An innovative and versatile portable metabolic system made by the COSMED company. The K5 enables in-field and laboratory measurement and thereby increases the scope of metabolic tests that can be performed to assess performance in a wide variety of sports.

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